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Le céleri-rave est un légume racine teinté de céleri, persil et panais.

Grâce à sa richesse en antioxydants et en nutriments, il offre d’incroyables bienfaits pour la santé, en plus d'être savoureux.

Découvrez nos célèbres frites de céleri-rave congelées dès maintenant.

The perfect accompaniment
to all your meals

Our frozen celeriac products are unique in North America. Keto, paleo, and vegan-friendly, they’re a delicious and refreshing alternative to potatoes.

Our mission is to help you enjoy a healthy meal in all the spheres of your diet: breakfast, poutine, steak frites, tartare, burgers, and so much more!

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Chef secrets revealed

Many are the chefs who choose to feature our fries on their menu. And that comes as no surprise! They’re the perfect addition to any meal. Plus, they make for a gourmet presentation, both appetizing and refined.

Thanks to our celeriac products, you can impress your guests and offer them a restaurant-worthy experience at home

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Our products, at a store near you

Our celeriac products are now available in 12 administrative regions across Quebec, with more to be added soon!

Find them in popular stores such as Avril, IGA, Métro, and Maxi, in addition to your local keto retailers.

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Developed in collaboration with a Belgian partner, our celeriac fries are nutritious, delicious, and extremely versatile.

Offer your customers a crispy, healthy, and tasty alternative to traditional potatoes.

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